Fire Fighting & Smoke-exhausting Robot / RXR-YM110000D-20

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This heavy-duty robot consists of robot platform, smoke exhauster, water cannon, camera unit and control box. This robot is mainly used for city fires, chemical industries, tunnels, airports, seaports, steel plants, coal mines and forests. It has an important significance in improving the rescue security and reducing human fire-fighter casualties.

RXR-YM110000D-20   /  Fire Fighting & Smoke-exhausting Robot
Color (Optional) Dark Grey / Dessert Yellow / Red / Blue / White
Dimension L2600xW1650xH2350mm
Weight 3500kg
Crawler All-terrain flame-resistant rubber crawler, embedded with metal structure
Power Diesel Engine
Pulling Force 25000N
Load Capacity 600kg
Travelling Speed 1.4m/s
Crossing Height 320mm
Climbing Angle 30° (Slope / Stairs)
Turning Radius Turning in place
Control Mode Remote Control
Control Distance 1000m
Rated Air Flow 110000 m3/h
Rated Water Mist Flow 480L/m
Depression Angle -5º
Elevation Angle +60º
Depression Speed 6.6°/s
Elevation Speed 2.8°/s
Height from Center to Ground 1910mm
Extinguisher Types Water/Foam
Material Body: 304 stainless steel, Head: hard aluminum alloy
Work Pressure 0.83MPa
Work Pressure Range 0.83MPa~1.60MPa
Spray Mode Waterspout / Water mist, (Switchable during work)
Rated Water Flow 80L/s(Adjustable)
Shoot Range 70m (@0.83MPa)
Rotation Angle Vertically -31°~+90°        
Horizontally -90°~+90°
Hose Connector & Size DN80 x 4, 1 for smoke exhauster, 3 for water cannon; With 360° universal joints to prevent hoses from getting knotted
Infrared Camera 4 Infrared Camera, including 1 front camera, 1 rear camera, 1 water cannon camera, and 1 smoke exhauster camera;IR view distance 80m.
Self-Cooling Standard Head Light Standard
Sound & Light Alarm Standard Rescue Cart Optional
Hanger Unit Standard Rescue Winch Optional
Communication Support Optional Water Booster Unit(20KW) Optional
Power Generation Unit Optional High Power Searchlight Optional
Internet Optional Internet of Things Optional
Robot Transport Vehicle Optional    
Dozer(25000N) Optional Excavator Grab(0.04M³) Optional
Breaking Hammer(800-1400BPM) Optional Hydraulic Grab(200Kg) Optional
Jib Crane(500Kg) Optional Forklift Shovel(500Kg) Optional
Breaking / Cutting Tools Optional    



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